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"SHIFT & Inspire: Tourism & Hospitality Trends"

Uncertainty is the new normal, especially in Tourism. Old and new constraints from the supply side and new needs and behaviours from the demand side require a transformative approach to tourism.

Tourism marketing efforts are often made independently by various tourism stakeholders, even though collaborative efforts have been recognised as a source of competitive advantage in tourism. This is even more relevant in a digitally driven and sustainability-oriented world, where tourism small and medium-sized enterprises (TSMEs) face a paradigm shift. More than focusing on recovery, TSMEs must rethink their role in a new economic order.

SHIFT (Sustainability-oriented, Highly interactive, and Innovation-based Framework for Tourism marketing) project aims to develop a framework, with an interdisciplinary approach, for a new collaborative tourism digital marketing paradigm. The framework will address how tourism agents may transition into that new paradigm, identifying the necessary preconditions, agents, motivations, processes, and expected outcomes.

We believe that this e-book, with results from the Task 2 of the Project, will be valuable and useful for all those involved in Tourism.